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Making Use Of Magnetic Managers – Retain Top Employees

How would you feel if you get a notice from your top employee that he or she is going to stop working for you? Any employer would feel shocked if they were to get this kind of notice. Disappointed as you can be, you don’t have a choice but to let the employee go because it is beyond your power. You may feel rejected, abandoned, and jilted because of this situation. You might have a dozen questions in your mind like was it your fault that you valued employee stop working for you? There are a lot of situations wherein the management is at fault when a valued employee stops working.

The number one reason why employees stop working for a certain company is because they have an unsavory relationship with the rookie manager or supervisor. There is an old saying which basically means people will come to join companies but they will leave because of their managers.”

These guys might probably say that they stopped working to look for a better job that pays better. There was a study that used 19,000 employees as subjects; they were interviewed why they quit their current jobs and around twelve percent said that they left their current jobs for a higher-paying job. You should do the math and see that the reason for workers to resign their current work is not because they want better pay but for something else; it is a more personal reason. Ninety percent of the employers think that their valued employees decided to stop working because they demand better and higher salaries. Employers only think that this is true because that is what most employees tell them when they quit the job. These employees don’t want to jeopardize the reputation and record of the manager that made them quit the job; even at defeat they are still graceful. Tell the employer that the management style is just too horrible to stand and that you are already fed up and tired that’s why you decided to stop. The white lie saying the other company offered better pay is just a way of saving both parties.

There are a lot of bad bosses around that need Magnetic Manager because bad bosses will destroy a business if they are not replaced to trained better. If you are a rookie manager then you have to learn more managing techniques. You have to change the manager style you have right now and make it into something that both company and employees can agree upon. You have to make sure that your manager style is the kind that will help both employees and company grow and progress.