A Guide to Finding Vitamins and Mineral Supplements That Will Make a Difference in Your Life

If you are like me, you have tried many different nutritional supplements that had no noticeable effect on your health. This guide will help you understand why this is the case and show you how to recognize supplements that will work for you. Quality vitamins and mineral supplements are very important to one’s overall health, energy levels both physical and mental, and longevity. But this brings up the question of “what is quality?”

Well, some basics are the following. Quality vitamins and mineral supplements will contain a large array of 60 or more different ingredients–in addition to vitamins and minerals, there will be herbal extract supplements, amino acids, enzymes, and any other special, all-natural compounds. These will be carefully selected and combined for the right function and included in the right amount.

But, how does a product get made that has these critical traits? To begin with, the manufacturer will only use active ingredients that have much solid clinical study behind them. They will have been researched and proven both potent and safe. In fact, when researching companies that you buy your vitamins and mineral supplements from, you should see if they actually examine their product ingredients at the molecular level in determining their compatibility and synergistic with other ingredients in the formula.

Different ingredients, mixed together, can interact to form a different compound. That compound might not be the best for you. On the other hand, if you put together the right ingredients in the right amount, you’ll increase the effect of each individual ingredient manifolds.

Now, why is this investigation so important? Because there are precious few all-natural health supplement manufacturers who conduct clinical studies on their final products; the costs can be enormous they don’t get any patent protection like synthetic drug makers do. In fact, if you see an all-natural supplement that says “patent pending” you shouldn’t buy it, because you’re being had.

However, nutritional knowledge is now growing at an enormous rate. Manufacturers who use all-natural ingredients have new discovery after new discovery pouring into their labs. They know better with every passing day how to formulate the most optimal supplements that are the most precisely targeted. But again, this does render patent applications useless–so, once again, clinical studies by these manufacturers done on their own products are very difficult to come by.

The quality companies will constantly be producing and marketing new, revised renditions of their older products as they make new breakthroughs. These companies will also list their product ingredients on their websites and packaging. So, the way to recognize the very best vitamins and minerals supplements is to do some research of your own and find those companies who set themselves apart from the crowd. My website covers many ingredients that have been shown through clinical and laboratory studies to be effective.